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If you understood it, you would of never brought it up. An yes its a control freak situation, instead of planning ahead and trying to counter play. You need a pop up saying hey, you want to do this now. No, its not like that, get over it, and actually plan your turns out.
Perhaps you should explain what it is you think reactions are, because it doesn't seem to coincide with my understanding of them or anything else I've seen posted in this thread.

Reactions have nothing to do with planning your turn out. The vast majority of the time, they don't happen during your turn. Reactions are, by definition, things that you can choose to do in response to what's happening around you. In order to choose to respond to things, the game has to ask you if you want to respond when things happen. Currently, it makes assumptions about when and how you should respond to things and this doesn't work well for players who want a measure of control over what they're doing.