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duh the name of the feature is self explanatory. Easiest one that comes to mind is AOO which I said in my first post, if you don't know what that is it is called Attack of Opportunity.

Now in BG3 its automatic, you attack the first person that leaves your area, does not interrupt game play, game moves forward fluently.

In Solasta as soon as someone leaves your area, you get a pop up mid battle asking if you want to do attack of opportunity.

This pop up slows down combat, handholds you and stops you thinking. Are you going to cast a reaction spell while the situation doesn't require it or is less favorable? No, you will cast another spell or do another action. It is seriously panning your moves ahead of time, is it possible to fail or have a outcome that you didn't expect, yes.

This is not 100% needed feature and truthfully its out right terrible.

I actually bought that game played it for 14 hours and unistalled. They have a sticky on the steam forums posted by the devs explaining the rules they adjusted for 5e, that game is not 100% faithful to 5e (this is just encase anyone doesn't understand that).

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No it is, its in the game. If it works or not doesn't matter, really shouldn't have to say this but you know, ITS EARLY ACCESS!!!!!!!. Truthfully I don't really care, if little critters are standing next to you and you cast shield maybe you should of thought about it in the first place....like really?! come on, use your head and plan your turns out instead of blindly rolling your face on the key board and complaining its not working.
You would obviously not cast Shield in this situation.

This is probably the highlight of my day, have a wonderful day tomarrow Zarna.

It could be made optional, allowing people to have automatic reactions now with no pop up, and allowing those who want to use different kinds of reactions to have a popup instead if they have a valid option to react with. Player choice and control over the experience is what RPGs like this is about and making systems optional would likely satiate everyone.