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In 5e it's actually called an Opportunity Attack. AOO is older editions.
OOF you got me on that

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You're in a combat with a Lich and two zealot acolytes; you know the Lich has some pretty nasty effects up its sleeve, including some very high level stuff. The zealots, you know, mostly cast minor buffs and create chip annoyance with cantrips. You've already rolled initiative; the turn order goes: You, Zealot 1, Zealot 2, Lich.

How do you 'seriously plan your moves ahead of time' so that you can tactically and intelligently respond to the situation and counterspell only the enemy spells that are most important to counter, without wasting your reaction on counterspelling a zealot casting shield of faith, and not having a reaction to stop the finger of death that comes later in the same turn?

You seem to be implying that you can and do and others should, without the game asking them when or if they want to use a particular reaction when it becomes available - could you explain your reasoning and method to me?

companions? CC Zealots and use counter when you think your going to needed it. Line of sight, use companion as meat shield, what's your inventory, potions?, cleric?, grease bottle? Barrels around? where are we? How many turns till he usually casts death?

There is usually a good amount of choices you can do in any given scenario

Counterspell isn't in the game yet from what I can gather its a 5th level spell (3rd level spell slot). I know there is a couple reaction spells for warlock already in the game, do you guys cry yourself to sleep when something doesn't work like you wanted it to? Use another tactic or maybe save scum.

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It could be made optional, allowing people to have automatic reactions now with no pop up, and allowing those who want to use different kinds of reactions to have a popup instead if they have a valid option to react with. Player choice and control over the experience is what RPGs like this is about and making systems optional would likely satiate everyone.

No, point was this feature is not needed and they do it auto in this game.

Almost 2am I got to work tomorrow, later.

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And, sure, make it automatic for those who want it but I suspect that will lead people to ask "why am losing my spell slots after each battle"?

The only reaction spells I've seen so far require you to cast the spell, you get a buff / icon showing you have the spell active and when said action happens that spell goes off. Like I said this is how a couple of the warlock spells work.

Here add this last part before bed, I had a guy in my multi game that would take about 5 minutes per turn trying to decide what he wanted to do. Now in that game I would actually dig through my inventory look at my abilities, initiative order, contemplate my next move and so on.

Now add a pop up for opportunity attack and any other stupid reactions that want to prolong the battle even more.

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