Anyway whatever they're saying reactions are an AWESOME opportunity to improve TB and lead to a less static system.

Having things to do when it's not your turn is something totally missing in many TB games and Baldur's Gate 3 even doesn't have the ready action (which is called "ambush" or something like that in other games).

If they find a good solution, and I would say a better solution than in Solasta... BG3 could totally define what the TB genre should be.

It works in Solasta and you never wait doing nothing during ennemies turns. It add a lot of depth to combats, a lot of things to do and to manage whatever it's your turn or not.
But it slow the flow of combats (not their duration).

I'm not sure the way they manage reactions would suit BG3 but Larian definitely have to find something to implement proper reactions. That's an important part of D&D (action economy, classes balance, classes features, "realistic" or "reactive" combats...) and it add a huge value to TB combats.

The real question is how...

What we have at the moment is cheap and that's a fact.
I personnaly think BG3 deserve better than cheap mechanics.

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