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1. I think that the armor must necessarily differ depending on the gender of the character.

2. I like beautiful things, not practical ones. I hate realism in fantasy works. I want epic and cool female armor, not male armor that doesn't tell me the gender of my character.

I know that some people like this "dark souls style", where the female character is distinguished from the male only by the style of gait, but I don't like it. I like to see the difference. By the way, I love Lae armor very much.
I just don't like the color of metal (???) plates, but I like the design itself. No pants for my girl!

I agree. But I don’t like armor that’s too revealing (unless it fits the world like Conan) for both sexes. How much is not clear. It’s a case by case decision.

Lae’zel’s armor kinda proves your point. It looks great on a female character (some have issue with the butt) but on a male, it looks like crap. None of my male fighters wear it and I wait till I can buy the magic scale mail.

Generic looking armor will not look good on both male and female bodies. It’s a fantasy world. Let’s make everyone look fabulous by offering what works on each body type.