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I hadn't noticed that the Gith men get pants. I say that if the women lose their pants so do the men, show the legs.

As far as sexy armor: fine with it but needs to as revealing for both men and women. Bikini armor becomes Borat thong. And there should be a checkmark like the "show helmet" checkmark that puts it back to generic view.

And no absurd pauldrons. Perhaps a designs for dragon's head and the like but no stylized flames or spikes that say "if I look left or right I'm going to stab out my eye" I hate that particular aesthetic.

No Borat thong. Is esteticaly horrible.

The male corrispondent to bikini armor is loincloth just like Conan the barbarian and Red Sonia teach.

And I support your statment against pauldrons. They are evil incarnated.

Said that I hope that Larian manages a wider range of armors, and civilian clothes, more or less revealing (for both the genders) to add more diversity, just in real life where we can see both sex with more or less visible skin. Also it would be nice if they apply, in BG3 the same morphing feature they had in the OSII that allowed the armor to assume a race specific estetic.