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No, it's this thing about - you like sexy armor. But there is a big counter-movement to not have sexy armor in video games at all, and I think it's not because you want sexy armor, but because you are against male armor showing buttcheeks. So in the grand scheme of things there are a lot of people that think like you do, and there will be a divide between you and other gamers. But I feel like this can all be avoided AND you would get to keep sexy female armor in games if you were ok with males having sexy armor too.

It’s not that I particularly like them. I mostly don’t care as long as they are cool looking. If they removed the butt cheeks, fine by me. If they wanted to add butt cheeks to males, not my style but I’ll live and move on.

So please don’t assume what I like and dislike. You don’t know what I think and now you are bordering on offensive.