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Fuck realism, this is a fantasy game. Armor has to look cool, and sexy armor looks better in a female body.

Let me guess, this is coming from ..a "male", right ?

In the risk of being a bit too pragmatic here, we're talking about a plate armor that should protect the body but should also be practical. So if you think of making it "too sexy" for both gender, it's not really a plate armor; what are you protecting ?
So the gith armor with "short" pants (and boots just below the knees) is excellent. I'd like to see the same for "male". And BTW, (risk of being to pragmatic again), the Romain army, "the centurion" had about that same style.

if you make (if we had) stylish armor the same for both gender, we wouldn't have a thread like this, we wouldn't have any data point.

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