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Yeah no. Unless you apart of lgbt, I can't see that being tasteful across the board.

I'm not apart of that crowd and don't like that style. I only speak for myself, but if you want more I'll gladly point out what I don't like about it and why. Don't let me get a red pen lol.

I am not a part of lgbt, not sure how you draw the correlation.

Get your red pen out, I am curious.

Oky dok.

Thigh high waist cut long dress, multiple unnecessary belts(not ff levels but still), the piercings especially on the legs, asymmetric bracelets, thigh high boots, choker, straight long hair down the back, sporadic metallic pieces, skulls, sharp edges, long nails. Just a first glance mind you. Individually I don't like them, but together it paints a pleasure from pain image with a mockery of feminine allure over a male tapestry that has a message "I decide whats sexy, not you viewer". Very artistically aggressive.

Thats what it looks like to me anyway. No idea who the character is btw if that means anything.