I'll add some few remarks: lgbtqix doesn't imply homogeneity of tastes, I'm gay still found that style not interesting or sexy and as I stated before I'm pretty sure that the percent of people that found it sexy is low.

As I am sure that what females see as sexy in a man doesn't rely in buttcheeks (for instance in the gay part of the letters ensemble the ones who search for buttcheeks display are those inclined to leather and the dominant/submissive part of the bdsm).

I agree on two positions: in a world where a trinket can allow you to speak with deads to have armors that grant the same defence tshoudn't be saw as something strange, but at the same time to have "sexy" armor is just insensate.

Wonder woman uses a revealing costume but is not designed to be sexy. Red Sonia's leather armor suits her but is not vulgar.

As I said: civil variegated clothing, armors that can find inspiration from roman or greek or germanic populations armors (with use of kilts or kilt like vests for males as alternative to pants or taking inspiration from all the cultures that have armors that didn't cover all the body), a compromise can be found (obviously the full body armors should remain, the point is to give options).