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Figure of speech.

Lol, I understand, I also don't think that the armor issue is the most important in the world, I just have my opinions, and I respect yours. What bothers me is that we are both as consumers pulling the games in different directions and I would REALLY like to find a compromise if that is possible, that is why I dissect your words looking for this answer.

Haha okay. I think I said awhile ago, I respect your thoughtfulness and your perspective of things.

Compromise is a tricky thing. I stand by my statement, you can never please everyone. There's just too many opinions. So if I were Larian, I'd choose the path most appealing to the most people. Now some would say I'm a dirty capitalist but I think that's the best answer. Of course others would suggest that my answer is not the best either so...round and round we go.