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The point is that what males see as sexy differs from what women see as sexy. There is also a difference in body shape, women usually have curves while men usually are bulk ( there's a reason drag queens focus so much in smoothing their curves).

Spend more time searching "male fantasy art" on pinterest. Especially art made by K-pop fans. Lots of lithe, willowy men. Or just put in "sexy k pop" and see what comes up. Nearly any "males see" / "females see" statment is just a reference the person's individual tastes and a desire to believe those tastes are universal and natural.

(somewhat off topic but it annoys that 'male' and 'female' have become common usage and people avoid using 'men' and 'women' when discussing gender -- makes it sound like a discussion amongst Ferengi)

I know. I'm a full fledged nerd. But again I can understand if what I'm seeing represents a really diffuse trend that involves not a minor fraction of population. Also I learned how the web and social medias tend to give the idea the something is bigger than actually it is. [This is a distorsion that has grwon in the years and is quite rooted].

I use male and female because I like the sound better, also being a biologist to me humans are nothing more than one species between others so to me it comes to talk about males and females. (and again what about doesn't put feelings in everything? is so passive aggressive).