I'm disappointed by pretty much every suit of armor in this game and also by the fact that the game doesn't seem to utilize aesthetic progression in armor as part of the visual characterization. Not at nearly the level I was hoping we'd see by 2021.

Their approach is basically the same as BG1/2 for creating a character's look, still leaving everything to be determined by the single 'chest slot.' Well ok there are silver 'gloves' I guess and a pair of boots. But still, I was at least hoping they'd manage to split the torso from the legs by now. Maybe get some real pantaloons in there or a couple options for grieves and guantlets and such? Here we can't even change our primary and secondary color choice, which is just sad.

I dont mind having different choices for more revealing or less revealing armor sets. Sometimes it makes sense for a character to be sporting a more Greco-Roman look and show off the gams. But all the armor sets here are like one offs and a one-size-fits all sort of look. I'd like to see at least a few variants on normal armor for each set type, and beyond just 1 look for magical armor at each level of enchantment. Its annoying to want to wear less effective equipment simply because the +1 version looks better than the +2 version say. The conventions established in MMOs are much better at this. I wish Larian would take a page from what works there and give their players something more to have fun with in this department.

Also mage robes look equally terrible on both sexes.
And I still have yet to find a hood in this game.

Hopefully they put some zots on this stuff. Its more important for a role playing game. Anyone who thinks they got a lock on arbitrating universal style has their head in the clouds. Tastes are wildly divergent as a genral rule. There should be many more options/model-set for each basic armor type to at least accomodate some sense of individual preferences. But at least let us change colors?

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