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I thought this video fits well in the discussion (and it's funny):

I had quite a laugh watching this video - that's me !! They just cut it off too soon, that guy would have got a punch in the face LOL ! This is so good LMAO.

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I like, how it is done in Star Wars - The Old Republic : have a slot for the stats and then wear, whatever you like. Would be a nice feature in this game too.

Amazing option, truly, only super ''gamey'', it's like, instead of actual loot you find stat boosts.

I agree. I played SWTOR and yes having a feature adding cloth without touching the bonus of your real armor is awesome.

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PS: "Skimpy" male armor:
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

Yes ! I like that as well. Looks like a DW ranger smile

Finally, we seem to converge in the same direction.

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