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Fuck realism, this is a fantasy game. Armor has to look cool, and sexy armor looks better in a female body.

I think it can be done tastefully.

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I agree to that, it's tastefully and fit into the less pragmatic and more into a fantasy world. smile but now that we are talking about this, ahhh .. the female equivalent would be ..ah just no

@Nyloth, what do you think ?

Isn't priest of Loviatar wearing something similar? He doesn’t have nipple chains but I think he will be happy to have it xD

However, it looks "sexy" only from some perverted side. First, the sexual armor for a male and female character will be visually different. It can't be the same. I am sure that this applies to both women's and men's tastes, as someone here already said, the skirts of git men do not look as sexy as Lae skirt. I would, for example, bare their breasts, instead of legs. Remember the trailer in the game! They were half-naked on dragons, very hot. Impractical, but hot.

What you see in this image is female sexuality, well, or it suited some very mannered and unusual male character.
But if it was a female character (and then the chest would be closed, which is logical), then this costume would look very cool. Although the rivets on the skin.. Oh, my God.

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