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In 5e, Divine Smite is neither a spell attack nor a reaction, it's a class feature that you can tack onto a successful melee attack.

That said, it is indicative of the kinds of choices that players need to be able to make and currently cannot (or are currently made in a way that is both awkward and doesn't follow 5e rules). Examples off the top of my head include reactions, sneak attack, battle master maneuvers, and divine smite.
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I don't know if 5e changed it but smite is a paladin spell attack. Like magic missile for wiz.

did they auto basic attacks? Let me know when they auto basic attacks so I can watch you people complain about something else.

Yes it is but how do you implement it on auto fire?

You can use smite on a hit but you can also increase damage by suing higher level spell slots. There’s a lot of choices involved that can’t be satisfied with a toggle. It has to function like a reaction in Solasta.

Generally sounds like a feature you would choose what level of smite and toggle it. That would be my guess to keep the game flowing, but who knows what Larian will do.

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What we have at the moment is cheap and that's a fact.
I personnaly think BG3 deserve better than cheap mechanics.

Truthfully we are still in EA, who knows what they'll rearrange / redo mechanic wise. Not only that but possibly pushing back full release with covid still active, along with special edition even after full release (if they go that route like they did for DOS 1 & 2).

With this not just a single player game but also a multi presuming my buddy will take 30 minutes instead of 5 if they go this route. Can't wait it'll be punching monitor fun.

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It might slow things down but later powers and certain class abilities really do depend on reactions, in fact one of those powers was made weirdly with hellish rebuke requiring casting before, which actually can make it proc on the wrong thing and goes against the purpose of the spell.

Later levels presuming it'll get even worse, that is if opportunity attack increase, so instead of just one OA you have multi and you'll be ask for each one.

Hellish rebuke was one of the warlock spells I was referring to earlier, you prep before hand and stays on you till it procs.