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I had completely missed her during my playthrough (and by missed I mean that I fought her, but had no dialogue interaction whatsoever), which is a shame since I was playing a drow too and would've liked to see the interactions. Just started a new game yesterday and I'm heading to her straight away with my new Tiefling Ranger. Can't really comment much on this topic as of yet (since I've avoided spoilers as much as possible) but I'm looking forward to see what all the fuss about her is about. Will update you on my findings :P

Yes, that's what I was talking about.
Many players on the path of good miss such a unique experience with Minthara, and she deserves to be known to everyone.
We will wait, I hope you will love her too, and there will be more Minthara fans wink

P.S. choose dialogue with persuasion check over Ilythid's ability after party. And do not go into her fears - she very much regrets that drow society and evil Goddess forces her to kill friends and wait for a knife in the back, it is difficult for her to trust and love