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Why do you like Minthara so much? What was it that hooked you?

She is evil, dominant (I even said she is a beautiful dominatrix), powerful, sexy and super charismatic. Her storyline promises to be more interesting than helping the tifflings

I love the fact that her trust is hard to win. Shadow Heart is hard to get into bed but easy to become her trusted friend - Minthara is the opposite. I will get great pleasure when she realizes that she can trust me and I will never betray her, I think she will treasure it very much.
She just be afraid to love and trust someone, to make her not be afraid and feel safe next to the Main Character is a very good goal. I think she with her character will like that I will obey her and admire her of my own free will, being at the same time strong.

I think if she understands this and allows herself to really fall in love, she will be ready to sacrifice her life for the sake of the main character, just like she tried to kill us. I think she is capable of such an heroic act. Laezel and Shadow Heart are not capable of this, for them a true friend and love will be of less value than for Minthara

If the main character is good, she can even become neutral like Viconia, she has potential. If the hero is prone to evil, that's fun too.

She, like me, dislikes Lolth and her cruelty, which makes the drow live in fear and violence, but at the same time she is cruel in herself and this is not bad. Lolth's cruelty is for everyone, Minthara's cruelty is only for minions and enemies for the sake of higher goals or personal gain. She is capable of good and feels sincere regret when the Absolute orders to kill the main character, is able to risk everything to help us and it is very easy to convince her not to kill us. This shows that kindness and the concept of honor also has a place in her soul.

It's difficult with her, but the moral reward for a successful romance with her should also be very large. I think she is very lonely and deserves happiness and love.