I think there should be multiple styles of armour for each type. Some can be "sexy" and some can be normal for both sexes. Also dyes, we have a framework for a crafting system and can collect herbs already. Each type of armour could have racial styles and also class styles. Something like Drow Cleric style for females I would expect to be "sexy" but some others I would expect to be practical. Ideally both sexes could wear whichever version they wished but that may be hard to add since the bodies are obviously shaped differently.

Personal preference, I prefer practical armour but I am not against the inclusion of more revealing stuff as long as there are plenty of options for everyone. Of the armours you showed, the Hide+1 looks the best, of course I would like to darken it a lot more.

Oh, and please no ridiculous pauldrons unless they can be added separately for those that like them. I like spiky stuff and skulls and all that, but stabbing myself with my own armour is just not my thing.