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What? I mention toggle for one ability, it would be equal to I think they did spells like this. Where you have say smite on your action bar, you click it it pops up a list of levels you can have for smite and click on that. Popup on your action bar that extending out showing what to chose kind of like how totems were on WoW a long time ago for shamans.

Just a idea, I'm not creating the game so who knows what it'll be.

At least I'm not ripping features from another game and throwing a fit cause its not like that.

Not trying to pick on you but you accuse others of ripping off features but then present an example feature ripped from WoW...

I had a feeling you liked MMO layouts from your comments. I don't know if that will work with BG3. Spell casters like wizards will have around 20 unique spells available at level 10. That's not to mention special abilities, scrolls and other objects that will clog up that hotbar. The old MMO layouts to me are archaic at this point.

The Solasta layout is very well done. It changes as you expend actions whether they be full actions or bonus actions. It's very elegant for the game. I agree with the critics, it looks too modern for a fantasy setting game but that is a detail that can be remedied. It may also be too big and has a lot of wasted space, again something that can be fixed. And why not rip off the UI? Practically every MMO out there rip each other off and most function the same.

its a ui feature that is used in multi games including from what I understand this one also. nor am i throwing a fit if it doesn't come true.

ill agree that solasta does have a nice ui but they shaped it like a mobile game with big blocky grey squares, doesn't really look that great. Hope they change it up before launch.

and ya ive played wow since vanilla and returned for each expansion, currently returned to swtor.

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