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I wish that Tactical Adventures had the same money and resources that Larian does and I really hope that they get to a well-known and respected AAA level.
Their take on a D&D game is so refreshing. None of the UI or mechanics bloat, no relying on cinematics for every single minor interaction, and characters don't feel like superheroes thanks to a catch-all convenient story hook.
The reactions are just one tiny thing that Solasta does way better than BG3 in its current state.
And although more simplistic, the game feels substantially more optimized for an Early Access game. The Div 4.0 engine was a mistake.

Can't say I agree with you, generally dropped that game after a little bit and will continue when it goes live. While BG3 I've played multi play throughs single and multi along with more to come and mods possibly pushing more.

It's the polish. BG3 is definitely very beautiful and slick. AAA graphics and voice action goes a long way, not gonna lie. And BG3 does have all of D&D content available.

If TA had Larian money and were able to make their game as beautiful and polished as BG3 with the FULL official D&D rules? I'd never even consider BG3 since other than it's shiny features, it's a pretty shallow game tactically due to DOS game mechanics.