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In what sense is it perverted?
Sorry, I meant "specific", something like that. Note that the priest loviatar has CERTAIN HOBBIES. If you know what I mean... The female audience most likely will not consider these clothes for male sexy, most likely SPECIFIC. My personal opinion of course.

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It's both, there are some armors that are different and some that are the same, you can see it from the OP, I can post more examples of the same if you want.
I'm about 'sexy' armor. Not this one.

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Depends on the individual.
Not really? There are certain stereotypes that the male and female audience likes, which are emphasized. Let us proceed from this majority, not from individuals.

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No, females are not born in clothes, those were made by people, and clothes don't have a sex. You can call it feminine though.

As a woman, I know very well that a woman is not born in clothes. But I understand that we live in a society, and there are certain things that look good on a woman, and there are some that look good on a man. Which attracts most of the audience depending on gender.

There are some exceptions in clothing that is "unisex" and looks good on anyone. But If you dress a man in a dress, for example, not every woman will like it and not every woman will find a man in a dress attractive.
That's what I'm talking about.

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I disagree that it doesn't work here, but if you're not used to this sort of thing, I respect our difference in tastes.

I understand that it works for some people, but I prefer to think about the majority. Most people love masculinity in men and femininity in women. This image is VERY SPECIFIC for a male character, but VERY COMMON for a female one.

If I saw such a character I would say "oh wow!" (of any gender). But I wouldn't wear this robe on Astarion, just for fun maybe xd

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