A year or two down the line we will hopefully get something similar to the customization in Skyrim SE. That level of freedom is where my two cents would go. I dont mind skimpy or revealing armour for both men and women as I think we are making a choice outwith the "normal" constraints of reality. Besides, most real, historical fighting armour was pretty bland and utilitairian. You need it to stop steel, not look good. I wonder if however there could be "some" benefit from wearing little or even no armour in battle real or fantasy. The Picts (probably some of my ancestors) took on the Romansand each other (allegedly) in the nip (nude although adorned with some blueish paint). I mean yes, they did probably lose a lot of fights, but the Picts did prevent the Romans completely dominating their culture. Perhaps there is something in charging bollock naked at your enemy.... You might just distract them enough to get a sneaky stab in whilst they oggle your ... bits. So sexy armour? Yes please but make it a choice or let us mod that choice. Which I'm sure they will.