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Let us proceed from this majority, not from individuals.

This is the main point I think where we disagree. I think that an RPG in which you can make your character and choose your story, customization and options as well as aesthetics should be an aggregate of many different things that individuals like, including popular things, but not strictly what majority likes.

You seem to forget that Larian needs to make money. That means keeping development cost within reason and releasing a product that the majority of people of the TARGET AUDIENCE will like/buy.

And no amount of philosophizing will change that. Welcome to the real world.

And giving a choice won't arm the sells. The point is choice, to every one. I don't like the current homogeny of armors or the fact that almost all forms of clothing recall moralistic ages, when in this years freedom of choice should be the driving motor.

The lack of choice and diversity in armor styles and dressing is even more obvious and blatant when you have different races with different cultures that wear the same identical clothes and style of armors. The only ones that have different armors are the Goblins.

Furthermore Larian build this games doing an improvement of the motor they used with their previous hit games, and in that games there was a lot more diversity, armors changed the aspect based on the race, elvens had a style that reminded their ties with forests, dawrfs have armors that recalled their being bulk and strong, the magistrates robes clearly reminded of their being a mix between a military and religious order, Lhose's armor clearly reflected her complicated nature and so on, that means that Larian already has the code needed to allow at least a little more of plasticity.