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Yep but only as winter armor laugh

Summer version?:
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Ahhh the only way to play a wizard. You have good taste. 100 percent the wizard Mystra told Gale not to worry about. I would definitely main wizard if I had this in bg3 buffness and all.

Bah, if you can scroll up to @sahardima post and get the context, I understand the point/joke she was trying to make and it was good. But, even though I may enjoy male in sexy armor, this pic is off the chart. Seeing that bag of muscle chasing monsters in a speedo (is it chained speedo ?) is just ridiculous. But, I don't know, the few people here that has thrown the "fantasy world" card might like it I guess.

So too much male sex appeal? Lol

I'm teasing. No need to take it so serious. My problem is when people complain about exaggerated female attire that focuses on feminine traits gets heated up, but when male attire gets put into question they don't put masculine traits. They put the most feminine crap they could think of on a man. Very inconsistent.