Oh man, people overanalyzing things to the point where nothing makes sense anymore.

Ive said this in anothert thread. Conventional wisdom isnt wrong just because you can go down a rabbithole of explaining it away.

What most people consider "sexy" probably is, what most people consider "feminine" probably is. IF you need to explain why something is what you claim that it is, it probably isnt.

>Its not all about the beefcake factor
But it mostly is.
Down to ancient history and the romans discribing celtic gesetae that were young men in their prime fighting naked.

Public conception dabs on attempts at deconstruction.
Ar barbarian should be a rippling mountain of muscle.

>sexy male sorcerers

What is sexy on a woman is not sexy on a man and vice versa.
Toned muscular women? pretty sexy. Bulky women with a neck like an ox? Probably not sexy for most people.

Soft sensual sorcress dressed in whispy silk? probably sexy, twink dressed in his undies? probably not sexy for most people.

I say "fo rmost people" so someone doesnt jump to "Ackschually i fap to that".

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