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Summer version?:
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Ahhh the only way to play a wizard. You have good taste. 100 percent the wizard Mystra told Gale not to worry about. I would definitely main wizard if I had this in bg3 buffness and all.

Bah, if you can scroll up to @sahardima post and get the context, I understand the point/joke she was trying to make and it was good. But, even though I may enjoy male in sexy armor, this pic is off the chart. Seeing that bag of muscle chasing monsters in a speedo (is it chained speedo ?) is just ridiculous. But, I don't know, the few people here that has thrown the "fantasy world" card might like it I guess.

So too much male sex appeal? Lol

I'm teasing. No need to take it so serious. My problem is when people complain about exaggerated female attire that focuses on feminine traits gets heated up, but when male attire gets put into question they don't put masculine traits. They put the most feminine crap they could think of on a man. Very inconsistent.[/quote]

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Don't know if you will understand what I'm trying to say, but thats ok. I've had my fun. I'm done for now.

Wait, you're not off the hook yet. smile

have a look here, https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/651262796083912198/, to see some armor, I searched for "roman armor" on pinterest. This is stylish, practical and something men could love in a game, I guess (sharing my BF). It's not fully padded but convey the message that you are actually going to fight and need protection without compromising the weight of the armor (which make you less efficient), especially if you are going to walk, run (and jump like crazy) for a long time. After all characters, here, are adventurer.

That touch of realism, for an RPG is cool, that's what makes me give the money.

The mage dress design a la Gandalf, the typical wizard robe, is a stereotype that I hope we will get rid of someday - prob not, sign ..
But there are other cool avenues: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/342836590384906515/
Give mage pants or better outfit !! And throughout this path the "sexy" will come.

But it doesn’t have to be all about boobs & bra and buttcheek - these parts also needs protections if you still want to keep enjoying looking at them smile

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