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I disagree that it doesn't work here, but if you're not used to this sort of thing, I respect our difference in tastes.

I understand that it works for some people, but I prefer to think about the majority. Most people love masculinity in men and femininity in women. This image is VERY SPECIFIC for a male character, but VERY COMMON for a female one.

If I saw such a character I would say "oh wow!" (of any gender). But I wouldn't wear this robe on Astarion, just for fun maybe xd

Very true - not the sort of thing I'd just throw on a character. Skimpy/sexy armor has an element of being a feast for the eyes in a carnal & literal sense than a metaphorical aesthetic. I feel like Astarion's character would have issues with the former, where the latter is more his style. I could see Tekehu from PoE2 able to pull off a skimpy robe in a non-evil looking variety, because it matches his character to flaunt himself. His body type is the Adonis type, rather than lean, but he could still pull it off.

As far as where the rest of this thread is going at this point, I'll just say this: Practical armor is probably what is preferred by the "majority" of the combined target audience, and for the most part that's what Larian seems to be going for at this time (titty half plate aside). Armor conforms properly by physical frame, showing more contours in light armor, and less in heavier ones. Hopefully they do change up the hideous spellcaster robes though - providing a choice between the standard mage dress style but also for simple clothing as well.

If they did add gratuitous sexy armor, I'd honestly be disappointed if they made it only for females and did not make a good looking equivalent for males. Briefs are not an equivalent to an armored bikini. That sets a precedent that I question like how all the women in D:OS1 all fought in heels. In other fantasy games, battle armor has non-phallic, rated PG-13 codpieces that add an additional place for an insignia or house crest. There's a way to make men look good, and emphasize their physique without solely appealing to one audience or another. Something like that barbarian picture linked before, but just a little more...

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