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@Starlights To be straight with you i'm not a fan of the centurion style armors. A girl has to buy me dinner first to glimpse at my quads. If anything I prefer Aragon and Boromirs style from Lord of the rings. Assuming you want to be on the realistic-ish side of things. I'm partial to frontline fighting but if i had to pick mage attire I'd roll with maybe jedi/sith robes. Swotor has a very nice selection of variations. I lean towards modest attire regardless.

ok, fair enough for both examples. The roman armor example is an idea to stay protected while having agility. Perhaps, if I go to the other extreme that I don't like and find ridiculous, is something like this for both male/female:

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

That looks like a coke can; adventuring with that for days doesn't work out for me.

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