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@Starlights To be straight with you i'm not a fan of the centurion style armors. A girl has to buy me dinner first to glimpse at my quads. If anything I prefer Aragon and Boromirs style from Lord of the rings. Assuming you want to be on the realistic-ish side of things. I'm partial to frontline fighting but if i had to pick mage attire I'd roll with maybe jedi/sith robes. Swotor has a very nice selection of variations. I lean towards modest attire regardless.

ok, fair enough for both examples. The roman armor example is an idea to stay protected while having agility. Perhaps, if I go to the other extreme that I don't like and find ridiculous, is something like this for both male/female:

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

That looks like a coke can; adventuring with that for days doesn't work out for me.

Ok so with this armor it would depend on the game itself. In realistic leaning game setting this armor is problematic. The armor would be slow with rigid and limited movement. Double plated in some area's is foolish.The weak points of this armor is the armpit and the back of the knee. The plated neck means he wont turn fast and the double plated shoulders means his range is shorter than it looks. He is a dead man in a realistic game.

In a free full fantasy setting this armor is amazing. I'll just anime magic the things. I have zero problems with this. In fact I prefer it. At least I have a larger variety of things to wear. More fun for me. Fun is a priority for me after all. However I believe, in some things at least, a middle ground can be fun. Even more so than extremes.

If we are talking just purely about looks, I think it looks great.