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No, those who like women in a fantasy games to be a little more feminine and revealing BUT are against the same applying to men if the outfit is the same.

The main point is that it's different, innit? Sexism is not the outfit but the difference, three to the left btw. I don't have a problem with females wearing the outfit on the right, I actually have zero problems with ANY outfits whatsoever.

Come on...honesty! You found bare female legs tasteless, but pierced man-titties tasteful lol. If it was truly only about this extremist view of equality, not mixed in with your very own set of double standards, you would logically have objected to the bared male nipples as a *much* worse offender than bared female legs instead of suggesting more of it. When you call out others for hypocrisy albeit in a nice manner, you better be sure your own doorstep is squeaky clean wink

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Am I missing something, or is this a case of deliciously involuntary irony?

When you see what you want to see, how can it not be?
Ah! More delicious involuntary irony!

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