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You found bare female legs tasteless.

I found that armor trashy because the legs are bare out of the blue while the rest of the armor design seems to be pulling in another direction, it would look equally trashy on a male, while the purple robe would look good on a female also and has a design that works. Even your typical chainmail bikini looks better than that example, because atleast it is designed to be sexy, this one however looks like a more serious armor but the female randomly forgot to put her pants on.

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If it was truly only about this extremist view of equality and not your very own set of double standards, you would logically have objected to the bared male nipples as a *much* worse offender than bared female legs instead of suggesting more of it.

I don't have double standards. As tasteless as that armor is, removing pants from the male model also would already make it fine for me.

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Ah! More delicious involuntary irony!

Yes, more irony is always welcome.

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