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That video with the armor is a joke. Was that aluminum ? C'mon doing a back flip ?

Watch this guy here and try imagining the guy doing a back flip once he's done dressing ...


But again, we are moving away from the topic

No, that was real plate armor. You will find several videos like this on youtube. It is a very common misconception that plate armor made you slow and you could hardly move in it which obviously was not the case.
Here a compilation:

(If someone knows from where the first snipped is from I would be grateful)

No, totally wrong. Decently trained swordman are the normal opponents people in plate armor were fighting and the armor gave them a huge advantage. They are in no means slower than a lighter armed swordman (being unarmored was basically suicide) and had a very small area of where their armor can be penetrated. Basically a sword is useless against plate armor.

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