@Kadajko Oh wow you're serious. I think you already know the answer you just don't like it. Men and Women are not the same. They are not interchangeable. They are complimentary. They are different. Each with pro's and con's. They don't compete for the same things. Men are in line with strength, women are in line with finesse. Strength is not better than finesse and finesse is not better than strength. They are simply different. They can accomplish similar things in different ways. In some situations, strength is more deadly. In others, finesse is more deadly.

A man normally has enough masculinity and testosterone for 2 people. A woman normally has enough feminity and estrogen for 2 people. Together, guess what happens. I know certain groups have been trying to push other stuff. That's their business. You are free to believe what you want. I can verify this through biology, psychology, chemistry, history, medicine, genetics, religion, philosophy, spirituality, and hell even certain math subgenres and advanced physics. Though I'll probably get banned. Hell even typing this response will probably get me banned. lol oh well. It does not matter really.

Equality is a joke because how can two different things be equal. It's a power play for subjugation.

@Ixal No I'm right. Get your nose out of Europe's butt. Speed is only relative to your opponent. As much as Europe likes you to believe, you are not a walking invincible fortress. Plate armor has weaknesses. The joints and heat exhaustion. By the time the simpletons of those days realized this and tried to fix it guns were in production. The reason joints were a weakness was so you could actually have a range of motion. You could not protect those spots. You literally had to struggle to protect your armpits, the back of your knees, the tendons on your arm near your bicep, etc.