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I am a male if you must know.

wow, I am positively impressed and quite cool smile. In the other thread about "engaging party member" I'll chose you .. Let me correct that.

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@Starlights Who said anything about impossible? It is wholeheartedly less baddass. Why not just let men wear pants? Perverts. Why on gods relatively green earth are you all fighting to remove pants? You all talk about sexism but instead of advocating to give Laezel some pants, which not a single person in this 8 page topic is against from what I can tell, you want to remove men pants?

Its crazy. You all agree its a feminine style, but "you don't mind". Yeah because you aren't dudes. You want dudes to look a certain way. Sounds sexist to me. You have become your own enemy. How does it feel?

Equality my ass. When the tables are turned you do the same thing. Perverts.


First, I'm glad you didn't walk away from this thread, I may pop few jokes or outrageous comments to keep you around.

Your comments here are a bit over the top, don't you think? You are now worrying that I take men's pants away ?! Seriously ? You already took my pants away ! And you know what? Take it ! But please don't start whining if I take yours away.
Throughout this thread, that's all we're saying. The thread is "Let's talk about armor sexual demorphism."

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