@Ixal Actually certain swords were specifically designed to engage against plate armor. Like the estoc. In addition blunt weapons, polearms, halberds, etc. Entire combat styles were developed as well to focus on weakpoints. The actual full plate was more common for jousting than in war. Many troops were partial. Mostly removing legs etc. The ones that did keep the gear were things like heavy cavalry more than anything. Plate armor was not bulletproof. In fact, without assistance, they would knock you with the force alone. Not kill but knock out at which you might as well be dead. It's why plate armor fell out of use in the first place. The point of fighting a full plate on the ground was to take advantage of the poor breathing, poor visibility, and bulk. You don't need to pierce flesh son. If you tank a blow from someone trying to kill you, your stamina will suffer without fail. Your bruises will pile, you will make openings, and you WILL go down. It's not a guaranteed win if you are in full plate. Yes, you can tank a blow but for what purpose? I don't know what kind of training you have had in your life. You need combat experience.

@Kadajko No, not just in reproduction. What do you mean sex? You mean gender? A man and a women? You won't get anywhere if you keep trying to imbalance or mix them. That's your wall to climb. Within everyone Masculine and feminine exists. Within men, masculinity is in abundance. Within women, feminity is in abundance. What do you think attraction is? You look for what you lack to feel whole. Now if you tried to chemically imbalance yourself by manipulating your hormones, that's all you. You are in charge of yourself. Most activities and choices in life cause chemical reactions. All affect the being. I listed the forms separately on purpose. I won't just say "cause science". You listed social constructs. What does that have to do with the fundaments of being?

@Starlights I was in a joking mood then and didn't finish what I was going to say. You misunderstood my tone. I was actually going in a more joking direction before the interrogation began. My point in a more serious manner is that when given the choice to simply request what some have claimed to be wronged, some of you instead went to change something that was not in question in the first place. Essentially you are not righting a wrong you are causing a revenge tactic to claim fair game which of course means you at least subconsciously know what's going on. That's not justice, that's revenge. Which is close but not the same. Your claim was that the armor for women does not please you, therefore the armor for men must change. That is sexist and does not even solve the problem you complained about in the first place.