Okay Aishaddi I think I've mostly got your perspective. Anima / Animus is testosterone / estrogen and presumably love between two women is really based upon testosterone / estrogen coming together. Probably some chain of life back even to lobsters things happening as well. Obviously, I don't agree but I want to get this down.

Where does the subjugation come in? If men and women wear the same armors this advances some agenda where women will take men's place? Men who like looking at sexy armor will be denied opportunities to look at sexy armor? Or only able to look under oppressive conditions? Or is a concern that men will be sexually objectified and that is oppressive? Do you see the gender dichotomy as a firewall against other forms of oppression? Once that goes we further slouch towards Gomorrah? Don't get it. What is the agenda that I must know about -- if even on an unconscious level? [ I missed a few club meetings when the secret agenda was discussed wink ]

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