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So I received a Larian Gazette about how romance would work in Baldur's Gate III, and the gazette contains the following image:

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Not sure how you guys think about that female character, but isn't her body animation a bit too masculine? Are you guys really fine with having romance with such a half-man?

I think female characters should not act like men and should have femininity.

Your views on women and femininity strike me as pretty misogynistic and immature ones but that is a whole other matter...

That said: She is a female warrior wearing a heavy chain armor and is swinging a mace, so I really don't get what your problem is with her. XD

I agree. I was never a bold, muscular man. And I can only play body styles in games I see in myself. So I'm very offen pissed off by the bulky, muscular body styles that do not represent me.
In these times, it should be possible to play roles with body styles other than just clichè.
Just take a look at the protagonist in the first movie of "How to train your dragon". He looks weak, he looks unmanly, he *IS* unmanly - yet he is the ONLY ONE who sees the truth !
Those weak in body are often those strongest in mind, Stephen Hawking should be the prime example for that.

I couldn't agree with you more as I was never muscular man either I was tall and thin most of my life. So I don't get why some folks play such importance on looks or the build of a person.