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@Ixal Actually certain swords were specifically designed to engage against plate armor. Like the estoc. In addition blunt weapons, polearms, halberds, etc. Entire combat styles were developed as well to focus on weakpoints. The actual full plate was more common for jousting than in war. Many troops were partial. Mostly removing legs etc. The ones that did keep the gear were things like heavy cavalry more than anything. Plate armor was not bulletproof. In fact, without assistance, they would knock you with the force alone. Not kill but knock out at which you might as well be dead. It's why plate armor fell out of use in the first place. The point of fighting a full plate on the ground was to take advantage of the poor breathing, poor visibility, and bulk. You don't need to pierce flesh son. If you tank a blow from someone trying to kill you, your stamina will suffer without fail. Your bruises will pile, you will make openings, and you WILL go down. It's not a guaranteed win if you are in full plate. Yes, you can tank a blow but for what purpose? I don't know what kind of training you have had in your life. You need combat experience.

That is simply wrong.
Full plate was frequently used in war. What you mean is jousting armor which is a different variant of armor used in tourneys. Also the one with the removed legs is half plate of field plate which indeed exist as budget version of plate armor used to equip large formation of foot soldiers, but the nobility used higher quality armor when they could afford it.
Those armor was often shot at close range with a pistol as a proof of quality. Thats why you often see a single dent on plate armors (armour of proof). Breathing was indeed a problem, but a much more minor one than what you suggest. In the end, wearing plate armor was a huge advantage. Did it guarantee victory? No, but nothing does. Luck is always part of a combat, but it made a victory much more likely. The idea that agile, unarmored swordman have an advantage over fighters in plate armor is a hollywood invention, as is that plate armor makes you slow or that being hit with a firearm tends to knock you over.

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