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What do you mean sex? You mean gender? A man and a women?

No, I mean biological sex. A male and a female. I don't want to use the word gender because it means a lot of completely different things to different people or means nothing at all.

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You won't get anywhere if you keep trying to imbalance or mix them.

You don't have to try, mixing just naturally happens and it doesn't lead to any imbalances.

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Within everyone Masculine and feminine exists. Within men, masculinity is in abundance. Within women, feminity is in abundance.

Tend to, but not necessarily. There are plenty of real life examples to debunk that statement.

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What do you think attraction is?

It's subjective personal taste.

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You look for what you lack to feel whole.

Not necessarily, you look for what you like, whether you have it or lack it yourself is a seperate question. Also I personally think that everyone should feel whole on their own first, before getting into a relationship, not looking for someone to fix you.

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Now if you tried to chemically imbalance yourself by manipulating your hormones, that's all you. You are in charge of yourself. Most activities and choices in life cause chemical reactions. All affect the being.

Your body is adaptable to your needs, yes. It does not however cause an imbalance as a reaction. Body produces hormones within norms.

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I listed the forms separately on purpose.

There are a lot of things on that list that are completely irrelevant to the question or have zero credibility. The one credible science you've mentioned is biology.

And I will also reply to this:

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My point in a more serious manner is that when given the choice to simply request what some have claimed to be wronged, some of you instead went to change something that was not in question in the first place. Essentially you are not righting a wrong you are causing a revenge tactic to claim fair game which of course means you at least subconsciously know what's going on. That's not justice, that's revenge. Which is close but not the same. Your claim was that the armor for women does not please you, therefore the armor for men must change. That is sexist and does not even solve the problem you complained about in the first place.

No, YOU subconciously think it's wrong and are projecting. lol

Me and some other people NEVER said that there is something wrong with female armor being sexy, we only didn't like that it is not the same for males. I said in the original post that I PREFER practical armor for immersion reasons, but if we are going the route of ''it's just a game'' for aesthetics, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having sexy revealing armor, it's not evil.


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Please keep the tone of this thread civil, everyone.

I hope that this discussion is deemed civil.

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