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I personally love how they're handling romances up to this point in terms of sexuality.

Someone mentioned Anders from Dragon Age II, I remember romancing him as a man and he asked me if I found unconfortable he complimenting me.
Here in Baldur's Gate 3 there isn't a hint of that hesitation. A hint. Not that I could find at least.

Everyone's free to love whomever they want based solely on the attraction regardless of gender. In a world like ours where now we're aware of so many shades of one's sexuality and sexual identity I think it is way more effective to not address ANY of these shades. Especially 'cause more often than not they're written poorly or from an heterosexual point of view.

Rapresentation matters yes, but for once I'd be glad to experience a world where none of these things matter and whom you love doesn't necessarely affect your personality

The game cares about characters' sexuality, though. I mean, even forsaking the cringey banters that revolve about companions being horny for some specific other companions, about 4/5th based on gender, we got Wyll and his female succubus who defines him and his backstory, Gale and his female goddess who define him and his backstory, and, of course, dream waifus and husbandos being an actual feature.

So yeah, i'd say the game does care about all of that, it just acts like it doesn't when those characters interact with the MC. The OP, i believe, is just asking for it to be a tad less aggressive.

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