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@Starlights I was in a joking mood then and didn't finish what I was going to say. You misunderstood my tone. I was actually going in a more joking direction before the interrogation began. My point in a more serious manner is that when given the choice to simply request what some have claimed to be wronged, some of you instead went to change something that was not in question in the first place. Essentially you are not righting a wrong you are causing a revenge tactic to claim fair game which of course means you at least subconsciously know what's going on. That's not justice, that's revenge. Which is close but not the same. Your claim was that the armor for women does not please you, therefore the armor for men must change. That is sexist and does not even solve the problem you complained about in the first place.

@Aishaddai, it looks like pushed your bottons a bit, by the tone of your message, or perhaps not - its hard to express emotion/tones in a text. But the following post here, I am happy and respectful of you & all. I enjoy reading you, you making me paddle a little bit smile. (look up my new signature smile )
The following text is my perspective and doesn't necessary reflect ALL women's views.

ok ..

I started playing BG3 in October and I started with a Ranger, I took Lae's armor right away, on the ship, because I liked the look and didn't like her. It was a "fluke", I didn't know it would turn out to be the best armor in EA with the stats and right away I noticed the legs open and the buttcheek. At this point, no big deal. It looks great ! I love it.

It's only recently, in this forum, where we were comparing race faces that I decided to make a "dude" for my 5th run. I grabbed Lae's armor for my "male Ranger" as usual and then oh - same armor - same class - same level, different style - sign, why ?. It doesn't even look great on a male, now "he" looks like a robot - a can of coke and all puffy. Clearly this seems, once again in this whole gaming ecosystem, a double standard male/female.

I know it's hard to comprehend for men, and I acknowledge that some women in this forum also think differently. Whoever not expose to sexism - well, it doesn't exist. I am in computer science and there is 3 women for 20 men and we get some sexism comments here and there all the time - why ? You get a job, same experience, same skills, same same same, but salary is different - why ? It's always a bit harder to get to the next thing all the time, as a woman compare to man - why ?. Over time, you just can't help it, your brain becomes Alerte to details like the gith's armor not the same for both gender, it becomes the "what you see". I was just trying to rationalize with the spartan/roman armor to me make it more acceptable - but I was wrong, I was avoiding talking about my own point. With my point, I really felt like this wikipedia link, what I'm highlighting in red:

Sexism is prejudice or discrimination based on a person's sex or gender ... It has been linked to stereotypes and gender roles.

Before you ask, no - I didn't mess up with wikipedia definition smile

I acknowledge that this is a game and perhaps we shouldn't make a big fuss about it (as shadowheart would say), but we opened the topic in this forum where we were looking for feedback to the admins of the game. I jumped on the opportunity, thanks to @Kadajko. @Kadajko is my real hero for opening up this can of worms allowing the few of us to talk about this. Because It is "very hard" as a woman to even talk about these things, you're being judge. Just ask around, in your close circle and be mindful that some of us will say no, because of ego and frustration - but is sexism common or uncommon ? Tell me. Even if we all agree in this forum and have the Dev/Admin jumping-in - I don't expect this thread to become popular with other gaming platform and then we will go change the world. I just hope if we fix one detail at the time we will kill this topic and that's what I meant by asking to make them both the same.

I hope this post is not too heavy and doesn't attract too much thunder and if so, I will delete it and move on.

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