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As a Divinity Original Sin owner and exclusive Linux user I'd like to also put in my request for a native Linux version.
Not all Larian Games have Linux clients but Divinity Original Sin certainly does. As previously mentioned many of the games I play run *better* on Linux than their Windows counterparts. I feel bad when I look in community forums like this one and see all of the issues from my Windows bros.
I noticed there was a concern mentioned here that Linux is too varied, but Windows 10 =/= Windows 10 either.
Look at all of the M$ Win10 builds, that OS is far from monolithic:
I work for a software company myself and we deal with that nonsense every day.
So, to sum up: native Linux support please. If Stadia is supported then please take the leap to include Linux as well, this will be a strong determination if I purchase the game when it leaves Early Access. Thanks.

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