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I want sexy edgelord armor. I want rule of cool.

Any arguments about practicality are completely foolish in light of ANY armor preventing you from being rent in half by a dragon.

I am however down for a wide variety of armor appearances and an appearance tab. If you want to dress like a nun, Id like you to be able to. If I want to dress like a sexy nun, I want to be able to.


They need to go full fashion, otherwise what's the point of all the 3d?

I was happier when the paper doll had like 4 armored looks, a single unarmored one, and 2 colors for everything, since the imagination had to do the rest. But now that they've opened it all up, I want to see it all. Sufficient variety to approach the limits of the imagination is a tall order, but at least take it to D&D fashion school so we can get the standards.

Simple tunics, and under gear would be amusing to choose at character creation.

Regular clothes would be cool to swoop at a tailor shop along the way

The regular armors should at least each give a couple different basic looks and a way to dye or change the colors of the cloth and leather components.

Enchanted armors could lock some colors in place, in much the same way it worked in BG1/2, but the regular gear it would be cool to customize.

I also wish instead of just giving us Enchanted equipment, they would make enchanting the equipment part of the gameplay, which could provide an opportunity for initial customization. Especially for +1 equipment. Higher level stuff, sure they can lock it all and show off. But I mean for the basics. I don't generally enjoy armor crafting in an SP game, but that's because of the way its typically handled in fantasy games with endless collecting and grinding to get to the point where you can make cool looking stuff, those systems make sense in MMO, but I'd like them to do something along those lines, or what was introduced in NWN for tweaking models in Aurora. You know switching out straps and belts and pauldrons and such. I'd like shopping for/creating the regular equipment, and then having a mage enchant it to +1 via some questline or such.

I kind of wish they would really focus on dialing the prologue and getting us to our first actual town in the EA. Instead of just dropping a bunch of magical equipment on us at a couple merchants and loots. They could make getting the first +1 anything a major deal in the early part of the game. Instead of giving up the ghost right away