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and I'm not OK with missing content just because I can't stomac it. I can endure it, but it's still over the top.

My question to you would be, why is your personal specific definition of what can be stomached and what can't be, the one that should be listened to?

If someone else has an even lower tolerance for squeam than you, but still really wants to play the game, would you support all of the elements that you like or appreciate being toned down into non-events and blandly neutral-to-positive scenes? Then the person who wants to play the game, but can't stomach it being anything other than a happy fantasy adventure where none of the good people get hurt and the bad guys are obviously bad guys who just fall down and then learn their lessons, and everyone is friends by the end? If they really want to play this game, but can't bear it to be dark in the slightest, would you want the game tuned to their needs? Or would you perhaps suggest that if they want to experience this particular story, it will have those kinds of elements, and they have to make a choice about whether this is the game for them instead?

I don't wish to seem aggressive or harsh here, but unless you're trying to say that your perspective is objectively true as the line for what is okay and what is too much (and no one person is special enough to claim that), then just not engaging with the content that you don't personally want to see, while allowing others who can or do appreciate it to do so, is the only really sensible solution.

You personally felt it was past your comfort zone; that's feedback and that's great! I'm sure it's appreciated as another data point, but your truth is yours alone in that respect, and many will not agree.

In terms of the rolls, you have a number of different options for how to acquire the ally if you want it - different ones to suite a couple of different builds (strong characters can win by being strong and smashing the skull, wise characters can win by being wise and perceptive - noting the issues and doing a planned extraction, nimble characters can win by being nimble, doing the extraction straight up), and the checks never seemed too high to me; I think in all of my play-throughs (and I have run through that intro a lot...), I've failed to acquire Us once and once alone.