As a horror fan, I'm not grossed out by what happened so far in the game, but I can understand, that someone, who is not used to such graphic pictures might be put off by the way, you obtain Us. I have a very good friend, who would have stopped playing while watching the intro, because she can't stomach it.
As a Lovecraft fan, I appreciate the whole look and feeling of the Mindflayers ship, but I know, that it is very dark and grim. I was a bit shocked, when I approached a desk, clicked something and a poor woman instantly turned into a mindflayer - with a lot of screaming.
So I think, it is ok to voice those concerns.
The way the story is going, I don't think, those horror elements will be toned down.

However, demanding to make the rolls easier is a bit more complicated. Roleplaying games are all about dice luck. I got my character in Call of Cthulhu killed, because I managed to botch every roll and saving throw, I had to make - and the GM gave me a lot of chances - and I did put a lot of work in this characters story.

I don't think, you really miss out, if you botch a roll, things just go down differently. Maybe you have to fight, maybe an NPC don't tell you something - in the latter case, you often have numerous ways to get information anyway. For example Nettie: if you can't convince the two Tieflings to tell you about her, just ask the halfling trader in the Grove, he tells you willingly about Nettie, the healer.

In my first playthrough I just did go with the flow and took the dice rolls, as they came. In my newer playthroughs I sometimes save and reload, if I want a specific outcome for roleplaying reasons (this also can mean, that I want to botch a persuasion check).

The point is: if you want to get Us as a companion, save and reload and maybe space bar through the whole thing, so you don't have to see the scene that grossed you out. Or just ignore Us, you don't really need him to fight the imps.

"We are all stories in the end. Just make it a good one."

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