Point is, seriously scenes can be skipped. The same image of the game (that reminds Chtul'hu) implies horror, the opening scene is creepy, furthermore is not a game that has just popped out, there are a lot of images, videos, articles that can let people to take the measures of the game.

I find quite weird, in this days when information is easily to find, to arrive at a game and then get surprised by the content and thus asking for it to be toned down because personal sensibility.

To me more changes ruled by this kind of pressure would make the game less interesting. Already Lae'zel and Shadowheart have been toned down, the gith patrol leader sounded less menacing that when I did play my first run.

Furthermore unless there's a phobia involved I don't understand how it seems impossible to control some reactions specially since no matter how immersive this is still a video game with a fake 3D feeling, that is clearly fantasy, in all the cut scenes the birth of Us is one of the most obviously fake.