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Turn-based combat that is also in game is actually better than active pause. In every RPG in which there's preference for active pause fights become chaotic and everything depends more on levelling characters, stuff and AI implemented by game creators than gamer's tactics. D&D should keep having more tactical fights and already it's done well in my opinion.

Tactical ? Done well ?
What is tactical in jumping each turn to backstab or to go higher ?

Because these are the only "tactics".
Generally it's more tactical because you need to think how characters are placed, who you need to kill first, how use different skills etc. when if fight is in real time it's usually only thinking about buffs and debuffs. I remember discussions many years ago about real time fights in classic RPGs and this design choice was made not because real time fights are really better but they thought too tactical gameplay will make it too difficult to wider public. Because people prefer dynamic games full of action than relatively difficult tactical gameplay, which was present in Divinity series of Larian. I subjectively prefer turn-based combat in RPG because it's far more similar to original p&p for which this set of rules were made. And turn based fights in D&D5ed are very smooth and fast so you don't really lose dynamism.

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