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Turn-based combat that is also in game is actually better than active pause. In every RPG in which there's preference for active pause fights become chaotic and everything depends more on levelling characters, stuff and AI implemented by game creators than gamer's tactics. D&D should keep having more tactical fights and already it's done well in my opinion.

Tactical ? Done well ?
What is tactical in jumping each turn to backstab or to go higher ?

Because these are the only "tactics".
Generally it's more tactical because you need to think how characters are placed, who you need to kill first, how use different skills etc.
Every single one of these things is available and possible in a RtwP game. And every single one of these things I do in my RTwP game. And I do all these things with quite minimal and very reasonable amount of pausing.
If all the things are available in both Rtwp and Turn based than we should just stick with turn based. Unless Rtwp is some game chaging, absolute gift from the gods I don't see why the devs should go through the trouble of changing the entire designed system because nostalgia.

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