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If all the things are available in both Rtwp and Turn based than we should just stick with turn based. Unless Rtwp is some game chaging, absolute gift from the gods I don't see why the devs should go through the trouble of changing the entire designed system because nostalgia.

Nostalgia ?
People can't like RTWP games without being nostalgic ?
TB is just a bit more popular but that's it... many don't like RTWP, many don't like the static TB combats.

Please go to creative assembly and tell them that the Total War franchise would be better if combats were in TB.

"Oh it's not the same, this is realistic battles in which time matter" => go read the rules of D&D. Time should matter in the video game despite the impossibility to manage 6sec rounds arround a table.

That Saïd, you're free to like better a tabletop simulator.

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